A Poem For You

I appreciate how you not only honor me but how you honor God
And how you have my back most when times are hard
I love how you love the word just as much as I do
And how you realize that its better to always remain true
And how you are a Godly woman who loves me without end
And how you’re not easily to offend
And how your energy is to always help someone in need
And your immediate response is not that they’re trying to get over or their intent is greed
I love the qualities that you possess
 Mostly because they’re naturally spiritual at best
You think highly of me and are always there to support
And pertaining to me you always give others a good report
You are  my Queen and I your King
And to me that means everything
With you I feel as though I have already won
You’re the Apple of my eye and all things under the sun
You’ve always loved me with your whole heart
And for that reason my love will be til death do us part
I thank you for your love my Queen
I thank you so much for everything

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