What do you expect?


When you call someone friend there is a level of expectation there. How are you going to expect anything from me when you don’t even know me. You don’t even know if I’m capable of what you are expecting. I used to hate those “wait and see” people but now I get it! Impatience!  I am so impatient! The Creator is working on me with that because I have to be patient and it is not easy for me to do.  So I wait. But while I wait I’m going to just be me. Why not right? How could you even be my friend when you don’t even know me? In order to be friends there must be a level of communication where I not only know the names of the people in your circle because you told me but because you allowed me in your circle. That means a lot. When someone let’s you in their circle it should mean a lot because that means that you’re being trusted. Now we just let anybody in. LOL! You must love everyone and respect them as one of God’s Creatures but you ain’t really got to be their friend. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you all are enemies either, you just don’t prefer them. If someone doesn’t prefer you; you don’t have to be mad about it because everybody doesn’t like you. Who cares! For real! Who cares? You ever thought that maybe they do not deserve to be your friend because you’re special and special ain’t for everyone! LOL.

…I’m just writing.

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