Happy Mother’s Day Mom

My Mother
Paulette Ernestine Hall

Mother’s Day

I have been without my mother for the last twenty-four years. Most of that time she was here in the physical but her spirit was long gone. I was nineteen when my mother was diagnosed with Pre-senile Dementia which later would become Alzheimers. My Mother lived twenty-one years with this disease taking away a very lively and vivacious woman, turning her into something totally opposite.  It was tough seeing someone who had portrayed such a strong passion for life; trade it in for something almost non-existent. At one point in my life I felt robbed, during the time I was to come into the person I was going to be, I felt left without instruction. As time grew I came to realize that my Mother had been teaching me in such a short period of time about life and how to enjoy it while you’re here.

My Mother loved life and lived it to its fullest every day that she could.  I can still hear all the wives-tales that she would say and my thinking “What?” and laughing. Now as I am older, I realize that she was leaving me bits and pieces of herself and giving me words that I would live by. Although I have missed her since I was a teen, I have also carried her beautiful smile with me ever since.  The saying goes “You only have one Mother” is without measure and the one I had, was the best one for me. Thank you mother for our time together, the dancing we did will forever be in my heart and spirit. Much Love Queen!

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Mom

  1. love the article. I believe mother as so special and I love being a mom and also had the same warm feeling about mines and I cherish all my moments spent with her.

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