Were You Taught To Think?

Not everyone has been taught to think
Without thought there becomes a missing link
We walk around the earth mindlessly doing
No active thoughts to what we should be pursuing
Souls lost roaming the deepest darkest caves
No mental capacity we ultimately become slaves
Rewarded for our inability to produce a thought
Simply because we have never been taught
The art of thinking begins at a young age
Or life’s issues we cannot begin to gauge
Questions begat answers to our past mistakes
How will we ever learn the road we must take
We must get quiet and produce questions in our spirit
Going deep within the quietness is so we can hear it
The answers will come to what we must do next
We play guardian to our own souls as we learn to protect
Pros and cons produces maximum results to better outcomes
Taking no thought gives into fools folly and make one seem dumb
Thinking really is the wise man’s choice
Without thought you simply have no voice

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

6 thoughts on “Were You Taught To Think?

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