How do you see it?

Photo By: chrisharvey @ photoxpress

You can always choose to look at a situation two ways: either positively or negatively. Why would we choose to look at something negatively? Is it because we don’t believe in ourselves? Or because we don’t believe in others? Or because we don’t believe in the Creator?
When I get excited about all of my plans
Some deranged thought will try to tip my hands
Make me look at the possibilities that something could go wrong
But then I laugh because for that I am way too strong
My belief is somewhat in myself but mostly in the Creator
My faith is in what is happening now and not what could go wrong later
Not trying to put my faith in the hands of another
Not because they are my sister, friend, brother, or my lover
But to the one who happens to always direct my path
The one who knows all of my deepest dreams and never laughs
So when those negative thoughts try to creep in
I stop them short before they have time to begin
Remembering that my thoughts hold the master key
And I will use those thoughts to unlock the door to my destiny

3 thoughts on “How do you see it?

  1. The pucrahess I make are entirely based on these articles.


  2. Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certiefid genius.


    1. Thank you Andi for your comment, my Mother was a sweetheart!! Everything else is a gift from the Creator! stay tuned!


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