Controlled Emotions

Photo By: Stiefi @ PhotoXpress
Initially I wanted to lose my temper, get loud, and get bold
But then I realized the situation was not one that I could control
What had been done had already happened to me
There was no way to undo it or control it, you see
But what I could control was the way I decided to react
So I chose to keep my emotions and my feelings intact
Deciding to take the higher road meant being more mature
And I recognized that there was something to being more demure
I chose to look at the situation in a more retrospective light
In the past I would’ve used more energy just to start up a fight
Today I could use that energy in a more positive way
And that situation that happened didn’t have to ruin my day
So I now choose to look at situations as a blessing in disguise
And I try to figure out the lesson from which I could arise
Instead of raging out of control and expelling negative energy
To allow the situation and my reaction to create positive synergy

6 thoughts on “Controlled Emotions

  1. I thought I was subscribed to your blog…how did I miss this!

    Good Choice Kai!


    1. People normally pay me for this and you are giivng it away!


      1. LOL…Give and it shall be given to you! Thanks for stopping by Jerry!


  2. Not sure! I’m glad that you approve! 🙂


  3. A million thanks for ptosnig this information.


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