A Mind stuggling against itself

Photo By: lukeleon @ PhotoXpress
A mind struggling against itself is useless at its best
Held in confliction it begins to fail well before the test
Bound in uncertainty it wavers at every turn
Without confidence it’s like fire and begins a slow burn
Struggles of the past wrapped in wood to steady the flames
Mind burning like a bon fire right before the game
Out of control thoughts if not extinguished at the root
Will overcome your mind and leave you feeling destitute
Replace with new thoughts concerning the struggles of the past
Reign in your mind and hold it tightly within your grasp
Don’t you know you have the power to control your thoughts
It’s not always easy but the fight has to be fought
Struggling mentally with yourself….

2 thoughts on “A Mind stuggling against itself

  1. Enjoyed reading ur perspective


    1. Thanks Dedric for taking the time to read my blog! Your readership is much appreciated!


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