Immature Minds

Photo By: chrisharvey @ PhotoXpress
Immature minds do not yield to reckless things
Irreparable damage of abandon thought patterns bring
Consequential actions that shower negative effects
Caution thrown into the wind hoping somehow it’ll protect
Limited vision allows the inability to see into the future
Unprotected wounds in need of suture
Lack of expectation is due to minimal thinking
Missed steps add to the chain that you’re linking
Immature minds result into destructive behavior
Grasping for straws looking for a savior
Without a lesson learned you can never be taught
Chains allow you so far before being caught
A mind full of potential that refrains from growing wiser
Refusing the positive and respective counsel of an advisor
Immature minds not subjected to thinking issues through
Relinquishing the ideals of the right & purposeful things to do
Immature minds do not relish in mature thoughts
Living day to day on the old things sought

1 thought on “Immature Minds

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