>The World Around Me


Photo By: NJ

The World is crumbling all around me
And the unsettled dust makes it hard to see
With unsecure steps I continue on my path
Holding on to my Comforter, my Rod, and my Staff
It always seems that when you’re reaching higher
The more the circumstances around you seem to get dire
Those around you have no clue that they’re being used
If they did, the situation they’d try to diffuse
But even so, I refuse to look to the left nor to the right
Promising this time around I would not lose sight
So come on negativity give me what you’ve got
I already knew you’d try to take me off my spot
But this time I’ve got nothing else to lose
The baby needs more than a brand new pair of shoes
It’s my place in this world that I’m fighting for
So I’m willing to break down barriers and kick in some doors
The only person that can stop me now is me
I’m on a different level and I’ve got better places to be
I’m taking my shot and not accepting anything less
So on to the next one, give me your best

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