>Planting Seeds & Producing Fruit


Photo By: Valeriy Kirsanov
Seeds carried with me wherever I go
Sometimes they’re planted so deep that the fruit takes a while to show
Removing the weeds from the uncultivated parts of my mind
When the harvest approaches it’s right on time
Seeds enriched with the best process of fertilization
Carefully developed and matured with the fullest of preparation
Allowing it tender love and room enough to grow
Love is part of the process that develops the seed’s flow
Seeds maturing and reproducing into more seed
Photosynthesis creating the ability for one to breathe
The climate and the terrain doesn’t always seem conducive
Roots so deep but they never seem intrusive
Holding on to Faith when the fruit seems slow
Careful not to reach for fruit that strategically hangs low
Reaping the harvest from the seeds planted throughout life
Now it’s time to open up and take a big ole’ bite.

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