>Hey Sistah, I Respect You


Hey Sistah, I respect you
I respect your home, your hustle, your grind
I respect you enough to leave you yours, and only take what’s mine
I respect your home, your kids, and your life
I’m not trying to take what’s yours cause I know that ain’t right
Yo Sis, I respect you enough to lift you up
Knowing that we already go through enough that sucks
Not trying to tear your soul down
And not trying to stoop that low to the ground
We’ve got to remember that we’re all connected
That girl power is what keeps us protected
We gotta look out for each other’s heart
Cause if we don’t we’re not doing our part
We gotta stay out of each other’s lane
Cause what we do, Karma will bring back the same
If we do those things that aren’t right
And try to block each other’s light
We can only expect what we give out
That’s not what we should be about
Not trying to step on each other’s toes
No degrading or adding to each other’s woes
A Sistah shouldn’t have to watch her back
Cause another Sistah’s on the attack
We should be busy with our fists in the Air
And at the same time be able to compliment each other’s hair
And say “Hey Sistah, those are some bad ass shoes”
And respect each other because that’s what we choose
Hey Sistah, I respect you
I respect your home, your hustles, your grind
I respect you enough to leave you what’s yours, and only take what’s mine

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

6 thoughts on “>Hey Sistah, I Respect You

  1. >i would say every two females that call theirselves " BEST FRIENDS"( per say) should b given a copy of hey sistah, i respect you because thats the entitle definition of being friends like sisters and also two sisters along, because to me its so hard to have some one thats close to u that repect and show love towards each other, instead they try and step on each other toes. that was GREAT… keep up the good work lol!!your sistah coretta


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