I don’t even know you but I love you so dear

When I found out about you all of my emotions became clear
I’ve been thinking of the time that you would come
Thinking about what I would teach you and then some
Praying you’ll be wise at such a tender age
Hoping your Grammy has already pre-set the stage
Promising to shower you with love every single day
I thought about all of the loving words that I might say
I’m thinking of your little face and what it will look like
And how bad I can’t wait to squeeze and hold you tight
Bone of my Bone, Flesh of my Flesh
I already love you I must confess
Thinking about how proud your Daddy will be
Seeing his seed that comes from his tree
The Lord has decided to bless us with this gift
Preparing us for this time as it is about to shift
Showing us all that the time has come to change
Adding to our responsibilities by giving us new names
So proud that he thinks we’re all worthy to have you
Our gratitude will be shown by the things that we’ll do
Humbly accepting and paying tribute to this calling
My Covenant is to do my best to keep you from falling
Thanking the Creator for an extension to this life
I pray that I’ll make you proud by trying to get it right

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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