>I am An Obstacle

>I am an obstacle that sometimes get in my own way
Sometimes I don’t take heed to the words that I think to say
Sometimes I impede my own progression
Not withholding attributes that border upon obsession
Vilifying today’s issue with such intent
Giving my energy to something that wasn’t meant
Vandalizing and violating my own mind
Incapable of finding a positive word to define
Troubling my own Soul
Like a lawn chair I begin to fold
Then I realize from whence I came
My mind wants to feel ashamed
I can’t let that feeling try to corrupt
It’s my Destiny it seeks to disrupt
I get up and dust myself off
Like a bad habit that obstacle I toss
I look at the obstacle that is Me
Seeking to distort the vision I see
I have to say to me one more time
Stop acting like this here is fine!
You’re trying to stop me from getting ahead
Trying to defile the character I’ve led
Trying to get me to digress
Trying to stop my progress
I told me to step aside
To stop trying to run and hide
You were born to succeed
Now it’s time that you concede
What are you afraid of, success
Afraid that you will do your best
I know you aren’t afraid to fail
Between your legs carrying your tail
You’re becoming your own worst enemy
Acting like you aren’t a friend to me
Being my own stumbling block
Trying to run down the clock
I refuse to get in my own way
Self-inflicted obstacles go away!

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