>Lest We Forget

>How soon we forget when things are going good
Who brought us through and give thanks like we should
Lest we forget the things that happened before
How the Creator came in and unlocked a door
We forget who brought us through and begin to praise ourselves
Like we did the unknown and it was conveniently no one else
Time has proven that the memory yet fades away
And we continue to give in to the thoughts of today
In spite of remembering the victories of our past
To understand that current challenges will not last
But through the fire we must go to pass our test
And continue on to simply doing what’s best
and not revert back to the ways of old
Even when it seems hard, we can’t forget what we’ve been told
As the journey gets tough we know that we’re on the right path
Those challenges brings assurance that your vision is within grasp
You can choose to give in to the challenges of today
But you must know that challenges will never go away
Challenges are there to prove to you how strong you are
Where you’ve been, where you’re going, and the distance thus far
Don’t let those challenges pull you back in to self
Allow those challenges to give you a Spiritual kind of wealth
There’s nothing like the feeling one gets from passing through the fire
Like nothing can stop you from reaching all that you desire
So continually give thanks to the one who brought you through
And know that the Creator is there in all that you do

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