>Every once in awhile you should step inside someone else’s shoes
Then maybe you can relate to some of their issues
Maybe if you knew where they came from you’d be less hesitant to talk
Because for a moment in time in their shoes you were able to walk
Allow yourself a moment before making a statement about someone
That you’ve tried to help them in some way rather than poking fun
None of us have perfect lives and some lives are open for the world to see
And some of us aren’t able to hide from the inside controversy
Some of us walk around as if we’re attending some Masquerade Ball
Trying to think we’re better than others wearing shoes way too tall
Some of us are walking around constantly in gym or tennis shoes
Always looking for a fight because we think we’ve got something to prove
Then there are those of us who walk in the summertime wearing boots
Trying to prove that we are rebels and disguising our lack of loot
Then there are those of us who walk around in the best that money has spent
But on the first of the month we don’t have money to pay the rent
If we step inside another’s shoes we might be able to see what their life is like
But maybe that’s too real for us and that’s too much like “Right”!

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3 thoughts on “>Shoes

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