>We let go so that we both could grow
Made promises to come back after all the seeds we needed to sow
We loved like the last two lovers on earth
But we had to be sure to give our personal destinies a chance to birth
We were like lovers, sisters, and friends
We loved so hard that it was almost impossible to let it end
The nights of laughter would lead to tears
It was almost because we knew that we’d have to let go for a few years
At the time we’d say it would last until we were old
But we knew we needed to experience other things to get to that pot of Gold
There were none who could touch my soul so deep
There were none who could move me even in my sleep
There were none who cared so hard for my well-being
There were none who kept my focus to continue seeing
There were none who told me to keep my dreams first
There were none to keep me from being my own distracted curse
I had to look to God to keep me going
I had to stay on bended knee to keep my blessings flowing
I had to seek him with all that was in me
So I didn’t lose sight of what was to be
I had to give in to his perfect will
I had to swallow my pride as if it were the worst tasting pill
I had to re-learn everything I thought that I knew
I had to open myself up so that I could become what was true
I had to do the right things even when I felt like doing wrong
I had to change my name and begin to sing a new song
I had to let the Creator love me like no other
I had to let him be my sister, my friend, my brother, and my lover
I had to trust that he would keep me safe
I had to give in, giving him my total faith
So far he has not led me wrong
He has opened up my heart and let hate be gone
He has given me new words to write
He has overwhelmed my spirit & my mind has been given to excite
He is all that I’ll ever need
And he is mine and all I ever had to do was believe

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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