>The more you live, the more you learn
The more you sacrifice, the  more you achieve those things in which you yearn
The more you let in the Spirituality of love
The more you receive Heavenly blessings from the man up above
The more you allow yourself to just be
The more you’ll open up your third eye just so that you can see
The more you allow people to just be themselves
The less you have to be upset when they fall from that pedestal of shelves
The more you live life like you never have before
The more you allow the opening up of Spiritual doors
The more you give, the more you receive
The more wisdom you gain the less you’ll be deceived
The more you allow yourself to grow
The more benefits you’ll receive from seeds you sow

3 thoughts on “>More

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  3. >Heard and understood! Thanks Ladies for the advice! I will get more creative with the illustrations, photos, and change more often! 🙂


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