>Happy 21st Birthday Chauncey

>Today I want to brag about you
I want to tell the whole world what’s so special about you
I want to stand on the Mountain top & shout about you
I want the world to know that I love you!

You are my Hero, you take everything the world gives to you and you make it better
You exude strength down to every single last letter
Whatever has been thrown at you, you always take it in stride
You never let anything break you or destroy your pride
You are the peace that always calms my storm
You are simply you and you never conform
You are the Apple of my eye
You are my Chauncey and for you I would lay down and die
You make me so very proud to call you my Son
And for that I feel like a prize has been won
You are my Diamond in the rough
And as always you never require a whole lot of stuff
You are love in it’s true essence
You are the light that shines in my presence
You are my little Big Mann

And you’ve always got an “A” & “B” plan
You are the one whom I tend to least worry
Even when I know you don’t share the whole story
You always do what you’re supposed to
Which makes me the most proud of you
You have a heart that is worth more than gold
And you’ve always know how to love without being told

You are the most authentic person I know
And I think your authenticity is what gives you that glow!

Stay True to you Son!
I love You!
Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday Chauncey

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