>An Unforgiving Heart

>I have a hypocritical unforgiving Heart
Let me see, how do I begin, where do I start
I hold grudges to that of my mate, family, & friends
And I’ll hold them so long that you’ll wish for it to end
Forgiveness is something hard for me to define
You might find it ridiculous but all it takes is one time
See if I never forgive you, you can never hurt me again
And the longer that I don’t speak to you, it is me who wins
I’ll hold you hostage for everything even when I see that you have changed
I’ll tell everyone what you did over & over so they’ll know I’m not deranged
I know that I have made some of the same mistakes too
But when you forgave me, that was all up to you
I know you think that it was all in the past
And you wonder how long my unforgiving heart will last
And even though my heart has turned into ice
I’d rather not let the same thing happen to me twice
Sometimes I’m unforgiving to everything under the Sun
Even animals feel my Spirit and will turn away and run
I’ll hold on to things until I go down to my grave
And the only thing that’ll help you is when I get saved
Maybe I’ll change my mind to believing that its me that I hurt
But I’m not sure that letting you off the hook will work
And even though I’m not sure why I feel this way
I feel it’s too late and trying to change is uncomfortable, and that makes me stay
I hear you when you say that God forgives me every single time
But I’m not God and I don’t know how to forgive and I have an axe to grind
We probably never realize that there are many with unforgiving hearts
Those with unrelenting anger who pushes people farther apart
Those who do not forgive because they feel they would be weak
And there are those who hold on to anger because it is attention that they seek
Most do not know that Forgiveness cleanses and heals your soul
Unforgiving anger & resentment, your body wasn’t meant to hold
The stress of it all will affect you in other ways
And don’t be surprised when you learn for you the unforgiven prays
So just because you’ve decided not to forgive another of their actions
Doesn’t mean that you’ll be the one left with Soul Satisfaction

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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