>Wait A Minute

>Wait a minute, what was that extra breath you just took
And why did you just give me that crazy look
I should’ve really gotten to know you before I made you mine
Now I feel like we just wasted all of our time
When did you secretly stop liking that thing I do
Are you seeing someone else, is that the issue
I wish I had’ve waited before taking you to meet my Mama
That was then, this is now and I’m stuck with all this drama
If I would’ve known then that you’re certifiably crazy
Or that you’re trifling and just way past lazy
I would’ve left you where I met you, at the club
I wouldn’t have taken you home and gave you my love
If you have said any or all of these various things
It’s okay once because we learn the hard way what stupidity brings
Love is hardly ever found at first sight
And love doesn’t come after sex on the first night
The purest forms of love comes after many years
It’s the thing that’s left after a sea of emotionally charged fears
It’s felt after years of going through stormy weather
It’s the glue that makes two people stick together
So before you take someone to be your husband or your wife
Get to know them before you give them your life

Categories Don't Rush Into It

2 thoughts on “>Wait A Minute

  1. >i love this one it really touched me and hit home thank you for the inspiration you bring to ones lost soul


  2. >You are most welcome!


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