>Love Is

>Love, the strongest pull from the center of your soul
It is the only source that can make you feel whole
It is Butterflies and heart pounding rhythmic beats that tend to sear
It is the overwhelming sense of feelings that can release just a single tear
It is the strength to another’s weaknesses in the depth of one’s being
It is the openness one feels using hearts to do their seeing
Love is the only thing that can make one seem weak
But it is the thing in life that everyone seeks
It is the only thing allowed to make one look like a fool
With a sea of emotions that make the ocean  appear like a pool
It gives electric feelings that can make one feel so alive
It makes you smile so deep that it’s felt on the inside
It gives the illusion of perfection in the making
It is volcanoes errupting leaving the earth shaking
Love is the strongest pull from the center of one’s soul
It is something that must be felt and not told

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