>Bad Decisions

>Painful consequences of the things done
It’s not just you who is under the gun
Everyone in your midst has to suffer your due
We can never conceive the cost our decisions will put others through
Even when we think our choices are strictly about us
And although those who we love don’t put up a fuss
Indirectly others can receive penalties from our choice
Even to the smallest of ones who don’t even have a voice
Decisions we make even effect people we don’t even know
Later in life their images will begin to show
From the counselor who councils you and don’t even know your name
To even the people who judge you from your 15 minutes of fame
To the distant relatives who must hear your plight
To the immediate family that has your back and for you they will fight
Or your decision to leave because you thought there was no other way
And the one’s left behind were the one’s hurt because they had to stay
Or the decision to move you and your family so far out of town
And when family members needed you, you could not be found
Or your decision to give in and have unprotected sex
And now the baby you carry is not the cause but the effect
The one’s who love you must assist you with your new bundle of joy
And the fact of the matter is that now and forever you’re stuck with that boy
Or the decision to go pick up your only child from school
Knowing you had one drink too many and you were driving like a fool
Now people you don’t even know are taking care of your child
And who knows what’s happening to him or her all the while
Or the childish act to steal something that was not yours
Now you’re standing behind blocked glass and rooms where bars are used for doors
Now the people who love you and miss you the most
Hear the sound of your name and you seem like a ghost
Even the smallest of decisions can effect everyone in your life
It’s hard enough trying to make good decisions let alone get every one right
We know there will be some bad decisions made along the way
But try to not make them costly where others too must pay

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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