>Brought into a world full of contradictions
Elders giving instructions with total convictions
Contradictory messages of untamed thought
Hypocritical interpretations of the price you’ve bought
Opposite in actions of the words dispensed
Future conduct will be the price recompensed
Antequated ideals of how things should be done
Rigid thinking regarding everything under the sun
Asserting statements of oppressive reprimand
Illustration was fed out of the palm of your hand
Hypocrital sayings “Do as I say & not as I do”
Self motivating contradictions will lose their virtue
Denying words as if to say that’s not what I meant
Examples shown will imitate the cost you’ve spent
Examined images of illogical communications transmitted
Will not find favorable or your sentence acquitted
The time is now to refute the past contradictions
And let those important know that you’ve changed your positions

1 thought on “>CONTRADICTIONS

  1. >Wow, Deep right write! lol.


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