>There Are Blessings All Around Us

>If you incline yourself to really see the world all around
You’ll see the very essence of life and how love must abound
If you close your eyes you can feel the peace deep within
And if you open up your mind you will allow the inconceivable in
If you immerse yourself in the imperfections of love
You’ll allow your intolerance to grow and you can’t rise above
But if you look at every experience as intimate exposure
You’ll allow everlasting encounters to give you some closure
If you initiate the vision of what was intended
You’ll dilute empty hopes and leave them suspended
Allowing ourselves to open up to new people and new possibilities
Will teach us to embrace empathy and diffuse inequalities
Many times we have physical examples of life expressions in our midst
But we overlook these opportunities and put our blessings at risk
Let’s inundate our mind’s eye with the marvels of true essence
And disconnect from ego and be one with another’s presence
Engaging communication with someone not of our own establishment
Dispelling sterotypical images and debunking our usual intent
Inhabit the connections of another’s life story
To impress upon us to giving God the Glory

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