>Go Get It

>How bad do you want that thing you’ve always dreamed about
Are you inclined to make your mark or are you still sitting in self doubt
Are you willing to forge ahead with the plans you’ve laid
Or are you giving in to fear and not focusing on the investment you’ve made
Are you allowing distractions to infect your dreams
Giving way to the nightmare of plans being ripped at the seams
Don’t be that one well past their prime
Talking about how they had dreams at one time
Wishing and wanting that misused time back
Still conversing about those dreams and mad you got off track
If you want something it’s simple; Go get it
If not then leave it alone and forget it
But later don’t talk about the things that you should’ve done
Because now is the time for you to stick to your guns
Whatever it is that you have said that you wanted to do
Don’t be intimidated let your words and actions be true
I’m not saying that there may not be things that won’t get in your way
But be willing to knock down some doors showing initiative is here to stay
Wake up early, stay late to do whatever it is to make your dreams come true
In the end you’ll be proud of yourself because you did the follow-through
Let your dreams infilitrate you right down to your core
And if you should fall get back up and be ready for some more

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