>It’s Time To Move Forward

>Leaving behind the caustic mentality
It’s time to make your destiny your reality
No more going through life on pause
Unwrap the old layer remove the gauze
No more living life on rewind
Press play to see how high you can climb
No more out-dated thoughts to over-rate
No time for making the same incoherent mistake
Go boldy through life like the world’s epidemic
Challenge noncommital forms before they become systemic
Command all your positive energy out into the universe
Extract all creative juices before they disperse
Rise above the generic alternative to altitude
And pay homage to the Creator by showing gratitude
Step out in the world and fulfil your destiny
Emerge with confidence, power, and certainty
Receive the dreams of the impossible
And expect the divine of the unimagineable

Categories Step Into Your Destiny

2 thoughts on “>It’s Time To Move Forward

  1. >I love this one!Candace


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