>It Could’ve Been Different

>I wish I could’ve been there when you were small to shield you from all that you went through
I wish that I could’ve been in your life if you only knew
I wish that your life could’ve been totally different
And I wish that I could’ve been there in an instant
I hate that you had to go from pillar to post
And I hate that you weren’t with your family the most
I hate that you had to always do without
And I hate that you were too young to know what it was all about
I hate that anyone could touch you in a negative way
I wonder how they would feel if they saw you today
I can’t stand the fact that you didn’t have anyone that you could talk to
Someone to tell you that you are Beautiful and that they see you
I hate that you were put in the most precarious of situations
And I hate that the extreme had been your proclammation
I hate that you were exposed to a life of unhappiness and neglect
I hate that there wasn’t anyone to help and protect
And I hate that you were put into harm’s way
But look at you now, look at you today
No one could ever predict the strength that you possess
No one could ever imagine your past could lead to such success
Who would’ve thought that not having your family as you deserve
Was actually God giving you a better life to preserve
Who knew that missing out at a young age on all the good stuff
Taught you to appreciate life when it really gets tough
Who could’ve imagined that all of that would reflect in such compassion
And being without clothes then to now acquiring such good fashion
Who knew then that the intent to unprotect
Taught you so much love, honor, and respect
Even though in your young life the turmoil you had to carry
I look at you now and know that’s why you’re so savvy
I know that once upon a time that you were not told the most Beautiful of things
But just to see you now and your hopefulness of what the future brings
You have been an experience for my very own personal discovery
How God can take someone from all of that and make a favorable recovery

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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