>Every Day Is A New Chance

>Every day that we arise we are being given another chance
Another opportunity to get things right or even finding romance
Or a chance to apologize to someone that we have done wrong
Giving heed to not letting the sun go down on our wrath for too long
Every day should bring advancement towards progression of one’s self
Or the serenity in knowing that you’ve been blessed with good health
Every sunset or sunrise given should be a time of pure reflection
Or the ability to give yesterday’s thoughts and actions some serious detection
Or the favorable event to losing that extra mental weight
And understand the necessity of time and energy it takes
Or the position to tell someone something that you should’ve told
With the intent of reaching way down deep into your soul
Knowing full well that some tragedy shouldn’t have to fall upon us
Before we open up to love or give someone our full trust
Tomorrow is not granted to us as we expect
And the people around us we shouldn’t take for granted nor neglect
But we should expose to them and to ourselves that Beautiful spirit that we possess
And with each day given try to make fervent progress
If we thought every morning today could very well be my last
Not in a morbid way or to be today’s forecast
But to treat each day given and all people with respect
Keeping in mind that life could change at any moment and so that we don’t forget

Categories To Get It Right

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