>Don’t Be Offended

>Since when in life did everything become offensive
And everyone automatically get so defensive
When did we stop looking at all things in a positive light
How does a quote written seem to suggest your plight
How did something that was said aloud become words for you to hear
Why do we find the negativity in life, in words, and in action the thing to revere
Why do we instantly get upset about something someone said or did instead of asking them to explain
But we go all around them and their words making the situation get off the chain
When did we learn to take a professional issue and take it personally to heart
And now everytime something is said or done we begin to pick them apart
How could someone do eight out of ten things right
But those one or two things done incorrectly can start animosity or a fight
Why is it that one negative thing about a person or situation and we’ll write them out of the book
Holding them to that one negative thing never allowing them even a second look
How is it that we always see something someone has done incorrect
But we never even look in the mirror at ourselves deeply to reflect
Why do we immediately assume something someone said or did was about us
Was that our very own insecurity that thing that we put our trust
Why is it that when the shoe doesn’t fit we’ll still try to wear it
Instead of taking those hurt feelings to the right person to share it
When do we begin to not take all things said or done as a direct reflection unto us
But instead think that wasn’t for or about me so I won’t make a fuss

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