>Let Go Of Baggage

>In relationships baggage is the heaviest thing to carry
How could you not lighten the load before you marry
It is not enough to be someone’s Queen or King
You must deal with the past and things unforeseen
Having had two or more relationships have gone away
If I am the common denominator what does that say
Sometimes we think that our relationship is perfect or exact
Then we find ourselves saying “He or she is too much this, not enough that”
Again, we lie to ourselves thinking that things will change
Two years later things are still the same
Why don’t we stop, take some time for self
Wouldn’t that be right, wouldn’t that help
So when we are void of a pyschological hole
We can be the mate of someone else’s soul

2 thoughts on “>Let Go Of Baggage

  1. >I always say don't look for perfect, you'll only be incredibly disappointed. Will get picture of house in about an hour and email it in the morning:)Kim


  2. >you said that one right kai and anonymous


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