>Love Is All You Need

>Love gently nudges you awake from your slumber
How you get up every day to do what you do makes you wonder
But it is love that drives you to do what you do
Love is the negotiator that sees you through
The responsibility of love keeps you going
Love is the key to keeping the peace and harmony flowing
Whether it’s the love of your children that keeps you strong
Or the love of Family that gives you the feeling that you belong
Love will force you to do those things that you need
Love will conquer all if you truly believe
Whether it’s the modest love of self that gives you an inner strength
Or it is love that teaches you to go the extra length
Love will escort you through all life challenges
And love will make sure that the fairness of life balances
Love will truly give you everything that you need
But you have to open up to love to receive

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2 thoughts on “>Love Is All You Need

  1. >Beautiful poem πŸ™‚


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