>I Met A Queen Today!

>Usually every morning my eyes pop right open and I jump up out of bed ready to start my day, but this morning was different.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why today was different and I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of bed.  Finally after getting up and getting dressed, I pulled out of the parking lot and a stranger flagged me down.  I rolled my window down to see what she wanted and she said that she needed a ride so I told her to get in.  As she got in the truck she told me how she had just recently gotten Baptized and was just saying to God a few minutes earlier how she didn’t know how she was going to get where she needed to go and God told her to go outside and flag the 1st car down that she sees.  I happened to be the one and thankfully was obedient to the spirit.  How many times do we stop to be a blessing to someone else?  When she told me what the Lord told her I said “That’s why I was late.”  I pointed to the clock in my truck as it was 8:00am and I told her that I am supposed to be at work by seven. (I was supposed to pick her up!) The fact is she says I was a blessing to her but what she really didn’t know was that she was a blessing to me.  Her words to me while in my truck will stick with me and has already made my day!  She told me that I was an Angel and that I have this glow about me.  I promise that I have been asking the Lord to let me be a blessing to someone else and no matter how small this might seem this was big to me.  Thanks Lizzie for giving me the opportunity to be a Blessing to you and your words to me was truly a blessing!

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