>I Heard You

>I hear you when you speak the words “My heart feels heavy”
And I know how it must feel as if you were hit by a chevy
I know that it’s not just your heart that feels unprotected
And I know that sometimes it’s not just you whose being affected
I know how it feels seeming to cut like a knife
And I know how it feels to question your very own life
But there’s Beauty in this if you wait you’ll see
And the fact is that you’ve got better places to be
Although it seems that the pain gets stronger
But hold on tight and wait just a little bit longer
As time passes the wound truly does mend
I know you thought you’d break but all you did was bend
I promise you the pain will subside
You don’t have to run and you don’t have to hide
Allow yourself that chance to see your strength in action
If I can give you a word that would take away just a small fraction
Know that I’ll use my voice to help you move on
And I can’t wait to hear you say that your pain is gone

I Got You!

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