>That’ll Be The Day

>Why do we walk around like nothing really mattered
When we’ve been broken, torn, and even shattered
When is it that we dismiss the days of dysfunction
When do we pull up our boot straps and show some gumption
How long should we walk with our heads to the ground
How long must we walk aimlessly around
Is it til the day that the pain is gone
Or is it when we decide we must go on
Or is it the day we finally take a look in the mirror
Or is it the day that life seems to get clearer
Whatever the day that brings you out of your funk
You’ll be glad that it did and will start to show some spunk
That’ll be the day that you learn nothing can hold you down
And the day you know that you don’t have to permanently wear a frown
Every day after that you’ll be reminded of the strength that you carry
and every day after that you’ll have courage to move on and not tarry

Categories Nothing Can Hold You Down

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