>Emotional Sex

>While looking for a mental music experience, I flipped through the radio stations and got perplexed
Thinking to myself every song that came through my speakers was about the physical aspect relating to sex
No mention of the emotional aspect which for most women in many ways are highly connected
It appears that relatively most of the words regarding the act left the emotional piece neglected
What happened to the cranial stimulation of your partner just by the mere words that you speak
Without a single touch you explode because you have been stimulated from your hair follicles down to your feet
What happened to having someone mentally to where you don’t have to touch or much less breathe on them
Or having the ability to give the illusion of explosion starting from their brain stem
The mere thought of a mental climaxation that takes you to many different plateaus
Make me want to jump up and give a cheer to those who already have that and say “Kudos”

Categories Mental Climax

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