>As You Get Older

>As you get older you’ll notice that things begin to slow down.  Actually, that is a good thing because you begin to look at things more clearly due to the fact that things are not passing you by as fast.  We must learn to embrace this rite of passage instead of concentrating on the changes our bodies are making.  It is a blessing that we got to the age that we are because someone else didn’t make it.

In the words of Celie in The Color Purple, “I’m here:  By God, I’m here!

If you live long enough, you’ll get to experience some things at least twice in your lifetime.  Things truly do come full circle.  There is a beauty in getting older. To have another chance at life when you’ve reached the next phase is truly a Beautiful thing.  I remember my Mama saying to me when I was in my teens, “Keep saying Good Morning!”  With each new morning you’ll begin to see the things that younger people consider as “new” like hairstyles, clothing, and even some sayings. Truly there is nothing new under the Sun that has not already been said or done somewhere in some time.  Keep getting older and embrace the wisdom that should come with age as you are Blessed!  Also, don’t forget to teach someone else something along the way.

Peace & Blessings!

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