>Time For The New

>I remember thinking to myself: I listen to T.D. Jakes probably five to six days out of a week & can’t seem to practice what he preaches.  I’ve read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”, listened to Oprah’s, Joyce Meier, & even Jamal Bryant’s podcasts & still somehow can not get it right.  What will it take to put myself on the right path?  I’ve concluded that I have allowed myself all the tools to better myself but I must not allow outside forces to distract me from my path.  I can no longer use any of those forces as an excuse but as a knife to cut the cord from old ways & patterns that lead me to destruction of self.  Today, I concur that I already have everything in me that I need, now it is time to pull it out and draw upon it.  Live Life & love doing it!!!  Peace

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