>PAIN..Perserverance After Insanity Needed

>No one wants to feel pain for sure, that’s no doubt
But it is necessary to feel all the emotions that pain brings about
Some people take pills, smoke, or drink alcohol
But when you come down does that make you feel better after all
Feeling the pain is necessary to heal
Making sure for rememberance than not to feel
The experience of pain teaches valuable lessons
If not learned there will be psychiatric sessions
Coming to an end and not reaching closure
Will bring negative actions thus more exposure
Healing wounds of pain is the best action to take
If not healed, your life could be at stake
Pain is necessary for eternal growth
For dying & living, actually them both
Dying to self, shedding the old man’s skin
To give everlasting change a new life to begin
Living from experiences learned from the past
From being unconscious or living way too fast
Pain brings about Conscious awareness of mind
For without pain you’d re-live the same mistakes time after time
I’ve often felt that I was addicted to pain
Due to making the same mistakes all over again
I think with this time I’ve learned from it all
Listening not just hearing so as not to fall
Falling for the same issues exist no more
Keeping my heart close and having something to live for
I’d like to think pain is pleasure conceded
Or as perserverance after insanity needed.

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

One thought on “>PAIN..Perserverance After Insanity Needed

  1. >PAIN to which I have to say is the truth…In order to grow, in order to learn sometimes a little pain is in order. One may not understand that while going thru it, but once you have gotten past that always a good thing to be able to look back on lifes lesson. If you smart and consicious of your past, those past pains will keep you from repeating.Y.A. from FB

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