>The Lights Are On

>Lights on again looking for my brain
things so different nothings the same
Decisions being made not just for me
but now the young adult a man to be
I used to think that I couldn’t do things I now face doing
It’s been tough & at times grueling
Some mornings I awake without a clue
I have no idea where to begin or what to do
Everyday the routine doesn’t seem to change
What happened to spontoneity or going out of range
My life is so different even from six months time
I often am riddled with fear but I’m still on the grind
Some days I applaud myself for the smallest of things
Knowing that the Creator checks for me & there’s blessings that he brings
the show must go on & everyday a new chance
looking in the mirror & often giving myself a second glance
I think to myself “You ain’t doing something that anyone else haven’t done”
but this for now is “my” battle that’s almost won
I’m doing this all on my own
Gnawing at life fervently like a dog on a bone
However, whatever, I’m making it my business to let it do what it do
Holding together the threads of life & making it stick like glue
Life, Love, & the true pursuit of happiness is my goal
Everyday enjoying life like cherries eaten out of a bowl
Taking care not to swallow even the smallest of pits
Life sometimes being hard but being careful not to let it give me the runs or even the shits
Staying positive, hopeful, faithful, & mostly alive
Keeping my head up & God knows that’s no jive
The responsibilities, chances, and challenges that I face
The renewed Spirit of Life before my eyes taking place

Categories Keeping it together

3 thoughts on “>The Lights Are On

  1. >Real talk….You are not the only one who feels this way!-QW


  2. >you are not alone. What's great about life though, is that a new day comes everyday!rox


  3. >everyda!light on again looking for my brain. you are wonderful kai!


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