>Before My Time Is Up

>When I am old and just before my time is up I want to have traveled to a far away place.
To have laid my eyes upon the most beautiful things seen.
Before I exist no more I want to have felt the wind on my face from a place so high that not even euphoria would exist.
Before I close my eyes one last time I want to see the most exotic things nature no longer can hide.
Before I breathe the last breath I’ll ever take, I want to be filled with a spirit that last so long on this earth even after I am gone, I’ll still remember it.
Before my body rests in its place for as long as the earth shall live, I want to smile so wide that my jaws ache but the pain is so joyous that I welcome it.
Before the time when I am almost forgotten, I want to dance the dance of freedom because my heart is so full that it feels like I couldn’t be any happier.
Before the time when my existence becomes a thought, I want to have written something so profound that even after I’m gone those words are forever used. What do you want to do before your existence ends?

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