>September 6, 2005 7:11pm

>Just sitting thinking about my “bestest” good friend…(9-6-2005)

Its gotta be hard living being told that you are dying. I’ve gotta give props 2 my gurl cause she stays hopeful and lives. She lives like ain’t nobody’s business. What if we all knew when we were going to die, what would we do? I know that most of us would just lie down and die. My gurl is Stong with a capital “S”. She lives like tomorrow might not be here. She doesn’t let everything weigh her down 2 nothing. They told her many times that she is dying that they can’t do nothing, but she is living. I’ve known her for 8 years and she was supposed to not be living when I first met her. She’s my miracle. One day I asked God for a miracle, I wanted to see one. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have bad days but in those days she is still being strong. Can u imagine being in pain everyday but strongly you live on. You are strong enough 2 hold on for all of your family & friends because you know that u are a Spiritual connection 4 us all. We admire, look up, stand up, show up, for you and what else would we have 2 do if u weren’t here 4 us. My gurl is Strong. She is so strong 2 hold on for us. I love her. Everyday I try 2 tell her that. She is beautiful, sometimes I look at her and see such a glow that radiates . She is like Sunshine. I look at her and it makes me wanna be like her. Her strength obsesses me, one can only be that lucky 2 be privy 2 witness such a gift.

I met her in 1997 and she’s still here!!!! My miracle lives!

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