>Stand Strong Black Woman

>Stand Strong Black Woman your time is near
listen very carefully so that you might hear
hear the deepness that comes from within
your precious life that you may win
your time is coming this is true
your essence of humility & peace not to be misconstrued
you’ve waited patiently for love everlasting
your prayers will be answered through supplication & fasting
Stand Strong Black Woman as you’ve held the Crown
The Riches & Gold has already been found
your spirit is changing so that you may grow
think of the seeds the seeds you must sow
think too of the seeds that you have already sown
remember where you were & how much you have grown
Stand Strong Black Woman as tall as the trees
your branches are about to bear new & stronger leaves
your mind has changed & your spirit ever so new
your time is coming & now is overdue
you’ve held yourself up but thats okay
cause God is about to bless you in every way
Stand Strong Black Woman the prize is almost here
keep your head uplifted & remember to fear
fear the Father’s wrath if you should go astray
keep his words in your heart as not to go away
Stand Strong Black Woman for your children & your mate
remember that you have the key the key to the gate
the gates of Heaven are about to rain down on you
keep your eyes on the prize & think of what you must do
Stand Strong Black Woman your time has come
Stand Strong Black Woman remembering where you are from
Stand Strong Black Woman Stand Strong

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