>I know you, lover of a specific kind. so gentle and patient . I know that you love unconditional; that you give all just so your mate can be all and have all. You stop short of nothing than giving all of your time, your precious thoughts of purity and hope. You hold your mate to the highest of esteem. You love the Creator, the Lord above that you spare none of his words to behold your mate as if they were the King of all Jerusalem. You take care in everything that you do. You let love guide your thoughts, your being, and your steps. You are careful with your words to bring nothing but joy to the one you love. I should do nothing more than thank God for creating you & your Mother for being a vessel that carried you, that taught you, and that loved you!

Published by Kai Mann

Empowering and educating others around the world about the nature of self-love, self-growth, and the importance of self-awareness that leads to authentic change and infinite transformation.

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